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Join me for an online or in-person wine workshop & tasting.

Learn by doing and having fun!​

How it works

How it works

Wine workshops

You are curious about wine. You want to know how to read a wine label, which supermarket wine is good and how to pair wine with food. Orange wine, natural wine and no-lo wines sound familiar, but not really. Join me to learn and enjoy wine even more.

Wine-themed team events

You want to have a fun team event with really engaged colleagues. It would be great to learn something new along the way. A customized wine event sounds great, doesn't it? Get in touch!

Wine consulting

What is the best wine for a wedding? Which wine as a birthday gift? What wine to invest in? If any of these is your topic, I am your person.


About me

Joanna Abendroth, DipWSET | Weinakademiker candidate

I am forever torn between having a glass of something I don't know or something I know (and like). Or tea, when it's already late. I am excited about the rise of no-lo wine category, but still faithful to the incredible Pinot Noirs, as well as ALL the wines in general. When not talking about wine (difficult!) I do yoga or sleep (in a tent, when weather allows). 

The more serious me: did BA in International Relations, BA & MA in Applied Linguistics. That means I could talk about politics or translate your marriage certificate from Polish into English or Russian. Instead I chose to talk and read about wine.

I am also a talented Project Manager and (soft)skilled Relationship Builder. I ideate, plan, execute [always ready to improvise], reflect and repeat. From event production, through all sorts of operations all the way up to supply chain stuffs. Challenging for me means fun, as long as it's with moderation. Just like in the case of wine!

Made in Poland / based in Zurich / speaking (mainly about wine) in English, Polish, Russian & German.

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